Trial Version

If you think formula4j might be useful for your application, you can request a trial jar, and explore it further. The trial jar is fully functional, but is disabled after a period of 60 days. To receive a trial jar, please send a request to John O'Hanley.

After you receive your trial jar, you can launch the included demo application.

Full Version - Binary Only

Full Version - Binary Plus Source

The source code includes a secondary 'demo' package that can be removed if desired. That demo code is not compatible with Android.


When you purchase a license, your organization can use formula4j in as many applications, with as many developers, as you wish. That is, licenses are per-organization, royalty-free, and don't expire. You can purchase a formula4j license using a credit card, Paypal, a purchase order through your company, or through any other means that is convenient to you.

Binary License:

Binary and Source License: