Formula 1.0.0

Class DayFromJD

  extended by hirondelle.formula.function.builtin.DayFromJD
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class DayFromJD
extends Object
implements Function

dayfromjd(jd): convert a Julian Date into a calendar date. Accepts fractional days.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Decimal calculate(Decimal... aArgs)
          The single argument is a Julian Date.
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Constructor Detail


public DayFromJD()
Method Detail


public Decimal calculate(Decimal... aArgs)
The single argument is a Julian Date. For example, this call returns a day in 1957 (with Decimals represented by their values, for convenience):
dayfromjd(2436116.31) => 19571004.81

The return value is an encoding of a date into a Decimal. In the above example, the returned date is

1957-01-04.81 (January 4, 1957 19h 26m)
where the decimal portion reflects a fraction of a day.

Specified by:
calculate in interface Function
aArgs - 0 or more arguments to the function.

Formula 1.0.0

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