Formula 1.0.0

Class ModifiedJulianDate

  extended by hirondelle.formula.function.builtin.ModifiedJulianDate
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ModifiedJulianDate
extends Object
implements Function

mjd(year, month, day): the Modified Julian Date of a calendar date.

The Julian Date is defined by astronomers as a simple sequential date reckoning. Its primary use is to make it simple to calculate the number of days between two dates in the Gregorian calendar.

Since the origin of the Julian Date is in the distant past, it takes on large values for modern dates. The Modified Julian Date merely changes day 0, in order to result in smaller values for modern dates.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Decimal calculate(Decimal... aArgs)
          Takes 3 parameters for year, month, and day.
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Constructor Detail


public ModifiedJulianDate()
Method Detail


public Decimal calculate(Decimal... aArgs)
Takes 3 parameters for year, month, and day.

The day may contain a fraction. Uses, Decimal, Decimal).

Specified by:
calculate in interface Function
aArgs - 0 or more arguments to the function.

Formula 1.0.0

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